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Check your transmission fluid regularly if your transmission is equipped with a dip stick, many transmissions today are not equipped with a dip stick and will require raising on a lift and checking by removing a plug, if you are unable to check the fluid level yourself, we offer checking the fluid level as part of our free transmission check service, It may require setting an appointment and or dropping your vehicle off, depending upon our work flow.
At least once a month observe where you have parked your vehicle, look for traces of leaking oils, where you have parked, Transmission fluid is usually red in color but not all transmission fluids are red, The automatic transmission is a hydraulic / mechanical / electrical complex part of your vehicle, with many moving and some delicate parts that require adequate transmission fluid pressures to lubricate, apply, cool, and clean parts, with out sufficient fluid levels, parts will be damaged quickly, and could result in a complete transmission failure. Part of our free transmission check includes checking the transmission for leaks
Don't be tricked into "transmission flush services" by inexperienced sales people, who are required to sell these services to keep their jobs. Some flush equipment and inexperienced mechanics can actually do damage to your transmission, These flush services for the most part does not even include replacing a filter for your transmission, most transmissions have filters that are in need of replacement when doing maintenance. quite frankly never let an inexperienced person touch your transmission, we offer transmission flush services that include filter replacements (if needed), band and linkage adjustments (if required), your transmission will receive a full maintenance service by qualified technicians, who are certified in transmission servicing, and transmission repairs.
Don't rock your vehicle back and forth in Reverse and Drive if stuck in the snow or other slippry surfaces transmission damage could result from doing this
If you park on an incline and your shifter incorporates a cable mechanism, then as you pull up to park your vehicle set your emergency brake then put the vehicle in Park. When you go to leave put the transmission in drive or reverse first, then release your park brake, this will keep the stress off of your shifter cable
Change your transmission fluid as the manufacture has recommended for your vehicle, if you are unsure of the recommendations then stop in and see us, we can advise you.

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