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Check engine light on, we will check it for free most cars obd2
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over 1900 centers

automatic rebuilt transmission
York's only Certified "Master Transmission Rebuilder""
Bringing fair prices back to the automatic transmission industry!!!!
Free 25 point automatic transmission check with internal  automatic transmission repairs
Free check engine light scan (most vehicles)
We honor most extended dealer warranties
Nation wide warranties over 1900 atra member centers
No one in the York area knows your vehicles transmission and transmission control systems better than our certified master technicians, We repair or rebuild your transmission right at our center, no ordering transmissions from out of state companies, Therefore our Master  transmission specialists know exactly all of the internal functions (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical). Because we know exactly what is in and goes on within your automatic and standard transmission, We will save you money on repairs and rebuilds, because we don't have to replace the entire transmission, We are the experts we don't have to buy a transmission from an out of town warehouse for your car, you can save thousands of dollars with our in house rebuilding services.

Is the problem within the Transmission or external of the Transmission
Our experts  will be able to diagnose that for you and we will  advise you of exactly what needs to be done, no guess work involved.
The reason is because our certified master transmission rebuilder is also a certified master automotive technician, in all areas and aspects of your vehicle from electrical / electronic systems, computer communications systems, engine rebuilding, auto heating and ac systems, engine performance, brakes, steering and suspension, abs and traction control systems, even right down to your tire pressure monitoring systems.
Many transmission problems can be corrected by updating (reflashing) your transmission control module (computer), Our experts can update your vehicles computers.

Disclaimer All telephone estimates given is based on 49 years experience of knowing what is normally needed in a routine transmission rebuild. Sometimes when we inspect your transmission we may find that it would need a part that normally does not require a replacment in a typical rebuild, that may change the estimated time of completion, we do not change the estimated price unless your transmission upon our inspection is unrebuildable, that is very rare, we would contact you at that point and give you a replacment cost, if you don't want to invest the cost for a replacment we will reinstall your original transmission at no cost to you, in its original condition.
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