york pa transmission repair coupon
$100 dollars off internal transmission
repairs !!!
limit 1 coupon per vehicle, must be
presented when vehicle is dropped off.
not to be combined with other discounts, expires 10/22/2016

York pa transmission repair print coupons page
& auto repair coupons
850 Carlisle Rd. York, Pa. 17404 call 717-650-1900

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auto air conditioning coupon
ac service
york pa
rebuilt transmission
Transmission Tune service
$ 89.95 !!
Includes up to 5 Qts new Atf, filter if required, adj bands if applicable, new pan gasket, road test, visual inspection for transmission leaks, scan transmission computer for trouble codes. most vehicles Domestic and Imports, we reserve the right to refuse this service on malfunctioning transmissions. (expires 10/22/2016)
"Check engine light" Check
obd2 vehicles pcm & tcm
most vehicles, check engine light on we will scan it at no charge and advise you
of the codes within your pcm or tcm computers. (expires 10/22/2016)

    Brake check $25.00,
           limited time only
some vehicles excluded, ck brake fluid level, remove up to 2 tires and ck calipers, rotors and pads/shoes, &     hydraulic lines.
This offer expires 10/22/2016
expires 10/22/2016, check duct temps, scan hvac system, check high and low side pressures, electronic sniff test for R134 leaks, if freon and dye needed there will be a charge for that. R134 systems only
$ 25.00 off all Automotive Repairs        over 200 Dollars.
most cars, not to be combined with other discounts, must be presented prior to repairs, offer valid on brakes, timing belts, internal engine repairs or rebuilding, most auto repairs. (expires 10/22/2016
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